WhatsApp Rolls Out Two-Step Verification:Here’s How To Enable It

WhatsApp started rolling out Two-step verification for its users across Android, Windows and iphone platforms after been tested for several months.This Two-step verification will ask you to enter the six-digit passcode to verify.When you are registering WhatsApp again with the same number you have to enter the six-digit passcode created by you.This feature adds more security and also ensures that nobody can register with your number in case your sim card is lost.

This is an optional security feature, so in order to enable this feature you have to go to WhatsApp settings->Account->Two-step verification and enable it.After enabling this option you have to enter the passcode, in addition to this you can even provide your email address in the next screen to disable your passcode in future in case you forget it.

It should be noted that, if you forget your passcode and have not provided email address to disable two-step verification then you would not be permitted to re-verify within a week of last using WhatsApp without passcode. Only after seven days you can re-verify on WhatsApp without passcode but the old data and messages will get deleted.So providing an email address will help you to receive the passcode disable link if you forget your passcode.


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