25 Insecure and Worst Passwords of 2015

The technology is getting smart and secure day by day but there are some people who are not aware on the importance of creating a strong passwords.Now a days most of the websites are asking us to create an account.In such kind of sites we have to create an username and password to purchase something or to browse.Some people might not spend a bit time to think much complex and secure passwords and so they just simply create weak and easy passwords such as 12345, qwerty and so on.The reason is that even if you forgot your passwords you can easily remember by seeing the keyboard.

But these types are passwords are not safe and can be easily cracked by hackers.In some cases you may have personal details, setting up weak passwords like this is a way for hackers to hack you details easily and putting you at risk.So in order to secure yourself from the hackers you have to create a complex and strong passwords which must be very hard to guess and crack.Here is a list of 25 insecure and worst passwords of 2015 which are most widely used.

Rank Password
1 123456
2 password
3 12345678
4 qwerty
5 12345
6 123456789
7 football
8 1234
9 1234567
10 baseball
11 welcome
12 1234567890
13 abc123
14 111111
15 1qaz2wsx
16 dragon
17 master
18 monkey
19 letmein
20 login
21 princess
22 qwertyuiop
23 solo
24 passw0rd
25 starwars

These are the 25 worst passwords of 2015.If you are the one who use any one of these passwords then its time to change the password and protect your data from hackers.These passwords are very easy to guess so always use the passwords with the combination of some numbers and characters.1@Q#4, A@1s# and so on, use  these type of strong and complex passwords.These type of passwords may be hard to remember so make a note of it personally.

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